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About Absolute Ambulance Billing


Our Services

Absolute Ambulance Billing is a full service, specialized billing company focusing on improving accounts receivable for EMS and Fire Agencies involved in the provision of emergency medical services and vehicle extrication in the commercial, municipal and non-profit sectors.

Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Acquisition of provider billing numbers.
  • Billing Data Entry / Chart posting
  • Patient Care Coding
  • Initial Claim Processing
  • Secondary Claim Processing
  • Electronic Claim Submissions
  • Billing Appeals on Behalf of the Clients
  • Payment Postings & Deposits
  • Complete Accounting of Services
  • Write Off Management Strategies
  • Custom Data Reporting
  • Assistance with Negotiating Reimbursement Rates
  • Specialized Client Consultations
  • Toll Free Numbers for Patients and Clients
  • Onsite Billing Support
Health Insurance

Absolute Ambulance Billing has a billing partnership agreement with emsCharts and ImageTrend Billing Bridge . For agencies looking for a web based patient care record solution, Both ImageTrend or emsCharts are exceptional options and together, we can help you increase efficiencies and cash flow!”

We respect and value the privacy of our clients, the patients they provide services to, as well as our other colleagues, staff members, and associates. Copies of our privacy policy are available upon request.